Jericho Paintball
Jericho Paintball Ministries
12639 Hubbard St SE
Rainier, WA 98576

Washington State Nonprofit Corporation

Washington State Registered Charitable Organization
Registration #26845

phone: 360-402-8306 or 360-789-0148
fax: 360-442-0266

Waiver Form below for your convenience


Welcome to Jericho Paintball!

We are a licensed not-for-profit in the State of Washington
Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for all ages to enjoy the sport of paintball while sharing the Word of God.
We have been sharing and leading for 7 years now and our ministry continues to grow.


We are very pleased to continue to provide a day of paintball for a $30.00 donation!!!!!

What do you get for your donation?
You get everything you need for a great day of paintball;
A Tippman 98 markerprotective
 mask and paintballs

Your Donations accepted here

We also provide for group play; 
Team scrimages
Office/Business team building events
Holiday events
We can host on our home feild or come to you
Please contact for more information and scheduling

What we teach our youth by word of mouth and by example stays with them all of their lives. The values and morals we teach will help to establish the ethical behavior of our children as adults. That is why it is important that youth are well-grounded in biblical truth and know how to apply that truth to their daily lives.
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